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Susan E. Rosano, MA is a Mosaic and Mural Artist on the juried rosters of the Vermont Arts Council, Arts for Learning Connecticut and 

Life Time Arts in New York City.

Susan uses the "Pique Assiette" method of mosaic-making, employing all types of materials in the process: hand-cut stained glass pieces, ceramic tiles, old dishes, beads, found objects and old jewelry. Commissioned pieces are a specialty, and she teaches mosaic classes at her studio in Vermont. Many times, mural making for Susan takes the form of Oil Drum Art – painting positive environmental scenes on a recycled oil drum, which can be used as a recycling container. Murals that Susan has created or facilitated grace the walls at schools, hospitals, libraries, museums and other public spaces around New England. Susan is also a credentialed Creative Arts Therapist, Reiki Master, Hypnotist and Pastoral Counselor working out of  The Brattleboro Holistic Health Center, 62 Elliot Street, Brattleboro, Vermont.

"Indulging in the ancient art forms of mosaics and painting are my way of making sense of a complex and uncertain world. My ideas come from a wellspring of emotion and restless creativity. I use color and texture to represent sentiments in need of self-expression and visual manifestation. My designs are largely spontaneous, allowing them to evolve naturally. I let my imagination run with themes of abstract humor and passion toward a clarity that resonates with the viewer. I love the challenge of putting pieces together and forming an artwork that elicits feelings when words are not enough. I arrange materials to fit my designs like puzzle pieces formed by the spirits of inspiration."

By Susan Rosano, MA

Visit Susan's other website is at:

Susan's Master Teaching Artist site. Susan has been bringing educational arts programs to schools, libraries, hospitals, senior centers, etc. for over  12 years.